I am primarily a philosopher of culture. What values shape the creation of cultural objects and experiences in a given time and place? How does the form of those cultural objects shape those values through their transmission? Examining objects from the painted caves to contemporary cinema by way of poetry and design, I am interested in communications technologies, cultural imaginaries, the ecological impact of our species on this planet.

Toward these ends I work as a writer, editor and translator in both popular and scholarly venues. My work is frequently associated with design, critical and cultural studies, cultural theory, visual studies, media studies, poetics, philosophy, and comparative religious studies. My core concerns are however ecological and, ultimately, theological. A sustainable future will require a shift in values as well as cultural forms and institutions.

As an educator, I have taught courses in cultural history, philosophy, design, film and visual culture, Holocaust Studies and other fields at the California College of the Arts, Stanford University, SUNY Stony Brook, and Boston University, among other institutions. I have lectured at colleges, universities, conferences, and colloquia around the United States.

I am currently the President of the Design Studies Forum, a College Art Association Affiliated Society, dedicated to the promotion of the academic study of the history, theory and practice of design.

I have written, edited, or translated seventeen books across the fields in which I work. My articles, reviews, and translations have appeared in Design and Culture, Boom: A Journal of California, SubStance, Rain Taxi, Boston Review, Postmodern Culture, Hyperion, New Nietzsche Studies, Contemporary French Civilization, and Comparative Studies of South Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, among other scholarly and popular venues.

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