current projects

The Ecological Imagination

This project pursues instances of imaginative exploration in poetry, art, film and design that serve as models of what Gregory Bateson called “patterns that connect,” patterns that are metapatterns revealing the relationships within and between cultural and ecological systems.

Expenditures: General Economy, Sustainability, and the Sacred

This project deploys Georges Bataille’s theory of general economy as a theory of sustainable resource and energy use and therefore also as a means of understanding all forms of expenditure, including waste, in contemporary culture. Following Bataille, sustainable modes of expenditure must accommodate the psychological necessity of the experience of waste if they are to be truly sustainable.

Summa Atheologica: Georges Bataille and the Fate of the Sacred

An in-depth examination of Bataille’s atheology in the context of contemporary philosophical theology, negative theology, and culture.

The Experience of Design

The Experience of Design provides an introduction to design for designers, students of design, and general readers. Structured around four paradoxical problems in design and culture, the book will provide key heuristics in several areas of design practice as well as hermeneutic strategies for users and consumers of design. The four paradoxes that structure the principle chapters of the book are also trends or topics in the interpretation of culture: the sign, material, systems, and communities. I approach these trends or topics as ways of interrogating design without however reducing design to an interpretation confined by any one of them. Indeed, quite the contrary, in my argument, any attempt to confine design to a space defined by only one of these strategies fragments or reduces design practice and our understanding of it. The Experience of Design will be written in accessible language for general readers, designers, students of design and design writers, including academics.

The Fraternity of Abjection: Postsubjectivities

This project collects essays on Hugo Ball, Robert Antelme, Primo Levi, Antonin Artaud, William S. Burroughs and Pierre Guyotat, figures whose works challenge the modern notions of subjectivity, representation, and ideal form in life and art.

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